Bentley Systems is a global leader specializing in providing engineers, architects, surveyors, constructors and infrastructure managers with comprehensive solutions in the field of modern software supporting the design, construction and operation of infrastructure. Engineering applications using BIM technology, the Bentley MicroStation platform and its digital twins services based on cloud solutions provide development in the scope of project implementation (ProjectWise) and fixed asset efficiency (AssetWise) of transport infrastructure and other public facilities, municipal services, industrial and mining installations and commercial and institutional facilities. Bentley Systems also offers specialized software for the design and implementation of various types of underground network infrastructure analysis (Subsurface Utilities Design and Analysis – SUDA). SewerCAD, SewerGEMS, StormCAD and CivilStorm products offer advanced features in the field of handling and performing water calculations, enabling models to be made using more detailed information that allows users to evaluate and compare a broader range of network issues. The Bentley Systems offer also includes OpenFlows FLOOD – software for flood risk assessment and flood prevention. OpenFlows FLOOD is a comprehensive software for estimating and reducing the risk of floods, which helps to understand the factors that condition it in urban, coastal and river networks. OpenFlows FLOOD software uses fully spatial numerical models to simulate all hydrological and hydraulic processes that occur in river basins, including rainfall, infiltration, surface water, channel water and groundwater. In urban areas, OpenFlows FLOOD software can be connected to the model generated by SewerGEMS to simulate the flow of surface water and rainwater. In addition, the model can be used to simulate floods caused by storm waves in coastal areas. Feel free to contact us!



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