Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. Its original sewage network appeared in 1642 and was several hundred meters long. Over time, there was a strong expansion of the network, and in the meantime individual collector threads were in need of urgent repair.

Currently, a broader, multi-stage and multi-year project is planned in Vilnius for the reconstruction of the sewage system so that it meets the needs of both the current and the near future. One of the components of this project is designated for implementation in 2020: “Reconstruction of sewer networks in the streets of Narbuto-Saltoniskiu” – a rain collector, in which the pipeline will be made by mrotrothing using СС-GRP technology with a diameter of 1600 mm and a total length of 1200 m.

As part of the Vilnius project “Management of surface sewage treatment systems in Vilnius” are also envisaged:

1. Rainwater drainage system on the approaches of the Šeškinė complex

2. Reconstruction of the Gelezinis Vilkas rain collector with units for storage, purification and monitoring of pollution

3. Reconstruction of the Karoliniškės rainwater treatment plant

4. Inventory of the Vilnius city rainwater network, digitization and data recording

The total investment value of the planned project is almost EUR 26 million, which will be presented by Rimantas Gruodis who is is a graduate of the Institute of Polytechnic in Kaunas at the faculty of Electrical Engineering and Plumbing with a specialization in Electricity supply for industry, cities and agriculture. In 1983-2003 he worked as the Energy Department Manager at the enzyme factory in Vilnius. In the years 2003–2009 he worked as a Service Manager of Electrolux in Lithuania. He worked for 16 years as Sales Director for the Baltic Countries, Belarus and Kaliningrad in the composite pipes industry with GRP for water and sewage applications at Hobas, where he actively developed product sales also in other industries. For 2 years he has been responsible for sales in Lithuania, Latvia, in Estonia and Belarus at Amiblu Poland.



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