In times of galloping urban development and progressive climate change causing periodically irregular and heavy rainfall and long-term drought, no one questions the need for retention of rainwater. Increasingly, rainwater retention water is being designed or is already being used to irrigate green areas in cities and even irrigate arable fields. Without reliable data, it is very difficult and certainly can be financially ineffective. Annually, e.g. large cities waste between 250 and 500 million m3 of water, which corresponds to the annual demand of 10-20 million people. For example, the total amount of precipitation per year for Krakow is 4 times more than the tap water obtained for this city. If at least half of this potential were used, the consumption of tap water would drop, which could result in significant savings for cities.


We should manage rainwater intelligently. The main message when using rainwater should always be DATA-BASED KNOWLEDGE. By monitoring the facilities and selected catchment points using skilful metering, we receive data directly to the operator’s computer / tablet. Intelligent monitoring system gives a sense of security, the ability to react quickly to sudden events and, most importantly, savings in operating costs. Intelligent algorithms and remote control should therefore be an integral part of it. Having reliable data, we can talk about further priorities, e.g. watering urban greenery, washing streets, facilities, recreation and education. Holistic and thoughtful management of used rainwater can bring benefits, not only to the pockets of municipal authorities, comfort and safety of residents here and now, but to minimize the negative effects of climate change that cannot be stopped for future generations.

The presentation will be presented by Grzegorz Boguś Commercial Director associated with the building materials and environmental protection industry with 20 years of experience. Currently at Ecol-Unicon, responsible for sales, among others water protection products, in particular in the area of retention and treatment of rainwater.



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