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We are pleased to announce that Ecol-Unicon has become a partner of the Stormwater Poland conference for the fourth time. We are very happy to cooperate.

Ecol-Unicon’s goal is to improve the quality of the aquatic environment. Thousands of effectively operating devices, professional engineering realizations and intelligent management of the operation of rainwater, sanitary and water supply networks give a measurable ecological effect. The protection of the aquatic environment is important for the life of the whole society. The role of Ecol-Unicon is not only about achieving business goals – it is the Art of Water Protection.

“In the interest of the environment, we operate without compromise” is the Ecol-Unicon mission, which is reflected in the manufactured devices such as: innovative retention tanks, pre-treatment systems, sewage pumping stations and pumping stations, as well as biological treatment plants.

Ecol-Unicon also offers maintenance, implementation and operation services. The added value of their products and services is knowledge and experience in the field of aquatic environment protection, which the engineering staff shares at every stage of the investment. Innovative technologies guarantee the installation of high-end solutions and devices as well as professional service and maintenance services. What distinguishes the company is intelligent management methods for both individual objects and entire rainwater, sanitary and water supply systems.

We are glad that during Stormwater Poland 2020 Ecol-Unicon will share its knowledge and experience. Once again, we will be able to hear the representative of the company in the We’re digital session.

Participation in the Stormwater Poland conference is very important to us, because we believe that the role of rainwater in the design and operation of water protection devices is growing. Participation in the conference is always an inspiring experience for us, we are glad that we can compare our development plans and directions with those from other parts of the world, and we also have the opportunity to present our innovative solutions that we prepare for the protection, management and management of rainwater and snowmelt . – says company representative.



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