We are happy to announce the first speaker at Stormwater Poland 2020. During session: How our neighbours do it? – rainwater management in East-Central Europe, Klara Ramm will have the presentation.

The subject is: (Un)awareness of local authorities and reason for it – NOAH project survey results.

Under NOAH project “Protecting Baltic Sea Untreated Wastewater Spillages During Flood Events in Urban Areas”, financed by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme, six Baltic countries are working together to create tools for rainwater management. The goal is to prepare a holistic concept of planning and implementation of intelligent modelling systems of rainwater runoff from the cities. The essence of such planning is to combine rainwater management with spatial planning. This leads to the preparation of solutions that will make already existing objects and facilities resistant to climate changes and torrential rains in particular. In order to assess information level in smaller cities, Chamber of Commerce Polish Waterworks together with Estonian EVEL made a survey. It provided information on the needs of local authorities, their problems, organisational and technical abilities to design and manage rainwater infrastructure on urban areas. The detailed results of the survey will be presented at the conference.

Klara Ramm has been associated with the water and sewage industry for almost 20 years. She gained her experience working as a director of planning and water resources in the National Board of Water Management, a member of the management board of Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji in the capital city of Warsaw, an expert at the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and Veolia company. Actually she has her own business concentrate on support water and sewage industry. For over 10 years she has been an expert at the Polish Waterworks Chamber of Commerce participating in many projects related to water services (for example NOAH,Sectoral Competence Council) As a representative of Poland in the EurEau federation, she also participates in international projects.  She holds a PhD in technical sciences and MBA.

We invite you for this prelection.



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