During the first workshop: Crisis management and product innovation in the field of rainwater management, we will take you to two places.

The organizer of the workshop “Dry flooding  – a workshop on crisis management” (workshop A) is the municipal company Gdańskie Wody, responsible for the maintenance and development of the Gdańsk drainage system.

Workshop B is organized by the RETENCJAPL company in the form of a showroom.

Worshops are prepaired for persons responsible for the city management process, especially for flood control, crisis management and for investments related to rainwater management in cities and in rural and urban-rural communes.

Workshop A

Dry flood – crisis management workshop.


Downpours changing the streets of Polish cities into streams, broken branches of trees making it difficult to undertake a rescue operation. Problems with public transport, electricity supply and functioning of urban infrastructure. Intensification of violent weather events is not only an investment challenge for local governments, but also changes in city crisis management.

During this part of the workshop you will learn:

✅ what a comprehensive approach to managing rainwater looks like in Gdańsk

✅ why it is good to plan actions during a flood

✅ how to prepare a good Crisis Management Plan

✅ how to prepare a scenario for flood control exercises

The first part of the meeting will be held in the Municipal Flood Warehouse, where over 900 meters of equipment is stored to protect Gdańsk against floods.

Workshop B

Innovation in rainwater

Acquainted with modern and innovative products used in rainwater management with particular emphasis on the possibilities of flood protection.


Rainwater is both a valuable resource that is used and recycled, and a threat to cities and municipalities resulting from climate change. This fact makes rainwater management a great challenge for local governments and results in the search for the best solutions for flood protection.
Workshop participants will experience the operation of the latest, innovative products and cooperating device systems presented in the show room, the use of which allows to minimize the catastrophic effects of heavy rains and also guarantees the use of rainwater.

This is an interactive meeting in which we will demonstrate technology related to rainwater retention. Workshop participants will learn about the practical use of rainwater and flood protection. Dialogue, exchange of views and experiences with specialists will be an opportunity to receive valuable tips emphasizing the desirability of choosing and applying specific solutions.

Discussing the local specificity and performance conditions will allow the selection of equipment and technologies that give the greatest efficiency.

We cordially invite you to participate in the workshop.




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