Forecasts for sea level rise are becoming more and more disturbing as we learn more about the processes of melting and decay of ice sheets in a warming world. An increase in sea level of 1 meter by the end of the century becomes a realistic possibility. Even worse, this increase could be even faster in the next century. In such a situation, it will be more and more difficult to defend against flooding of areas near the sea shore and near the mouths of rivers flowing into it. In a particularly difficult situation may turn out Gdańsk, the historical part of which is built on the low areas of the Motława being part of the Vistula delta. Saving the historical part of Gdańsk will require more and more expenses and an increasingly complex technical infrastructure in the next decades. Are we ready for this challenge?

Professor Jacek Piskozub will answer this question during Stormwater Poland.

Professor dr hab. Jacek Piskozub deals with radiation processes in the sea and atmosphere, and the interaction of both these centers on various scales, from local to climatic. In recent years, it has focused in particular on gas streams relevant for the climate through the sea surface, and processes linking ocean circulation with the weather and climate of the globe.



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