In matching the appropriate and reliable drainage at the design stage, it is necessary to obtain data on the intensity of precipitation at a given location. The combination of information on precipitation rates throughout Poland – PANDA with a calculator for the selection of linear drainage systems makes work much easier, speeds up the design stage, but above all allows you to obtain the most reliable calculations.


The first time it is possible to choose drainage taking into account the most current rainfall measurements from the PANDA system. An innovative project that combines the knowledge and experience of rainwater management experts with current and reliable data on the intensity of rainfall is a response to the growing need to provide digital solutions for designers. The Digital Designer Platform (CPP) created in this way allows for full recognition of rainwater management, from planning the drainage system to collecting rainwater, retention, pre-treatment and discharge to the natural environment. When designing drainage systems, we pay special attention to micro retention at the stage of rainwater collection.


At HAURATON, we create systems that allow surface dehydration and simultaneous retention. We will show you a solution that will not only ensure quick collection of rainwater, but also withstand excess water until it drains completely. The system is distinguished by very high efficiency of drainage and storage of rainwater. Drainage channels with very large capacity allow the use of a minimum number of wells and connections. On the other hand, the construction of the ducts and inlet caps ensure load resistance up to class F900.


The presentation will be given by Maciej Pawlak


Master of Environmental Engineering, graduated from the University of Life Sciences in Poznań, Faculty of Land Reclamation and Environmental Engineering.
For nearly eight years, he has been associated with the company but has been present in the construction and building industry for over 13 years.
He advises designers on the selection of drainage, drainage and retention systems. He often designed special solutions tailored to the investment requirements.
For many years he worked in a design office dealing in the design of roads and bridges.
His portfolio includes participation in such projects as the Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk, Bałtyk Tower in Poznań or Warsaw Spire in Warsaw.



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