This isue will be presented by Robert Madejowski, a member of the Management Board and Technical Director of MPWiK S.A. for many years. in Wroclaw. Over 30 years of work at MPWiK in managerial technical positions has given me vast experience in the field of operation, investment and management of an enterprise serving over 600 thousand Wrocław agglomeration. Direct participation in securing the enterprise against floods in 1997 and 2010 and the implementation of revitalization and modernization programs allowed me to participate in creating long-term development programs taking into account the contemporary requirements of the strategic infrastructure which is the water and sewage system. in urban areas. Long-term direct cooperation with the City has allowed us to jointly develop the principles of mutual cooperation in the field of investment and crisis management limiting the effects of extreme weather phenomena and ecological disasters. Many years of experience and practice have been supported by many post-graduate studies and training in financial, management and technology.

Climate change in Central Europe is a fact and has a huge impact on the functioning of water and sewage companies. Emerging more and more intense rainfall, long periods of drought and high temperatures require enterprises to take technical, organizational and long-term investment measures to ensure their proper functioning guaranteeing a high level of water supply, collection of sanitary sewage and rainwater. These activities should secure the protection of infrastructure both during periods of river floods and rapid urban floods resulting from rapid precipitation and during periods of drought. MPWiK S.A. in Wrocław, which was severely affected by the flood of the millennium in 1997, the flood in 2010 and the shortage of raw materials as a result of drought or ecological disasters, has undertaken and continues to undertake, alone and with the city of Wrocław, a number of organizational, technical and investment activities aimed at minimizing the effects of climate change on its functioning .



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