During Stormwater Poland 2020 in the Rain Inspiration session we will go beyond the area strictly regarding rainwater. Józef Jeleński will defend the thesis that water is one and is both a challenge and a resource for a city resident with his presentation: Revitalization of rivers and streams in the urban landscape.

Józef Jeleński  graduate at the Cracow  University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, achieved technical and scientific experience during overseas and national contracts, mainly concerning constructional mass processes. Firma JOT started in 2002 to implement a general goal of developing the structure in connection with aesthetic surroundings, both human and nature friendly, currently is involved in professional implementation of river restoration. Since 2010 he is the Coordinator of “The Upper Raba River Spawning Grounds” Project, well known from numerous presentations in national conferences and publications in technical and scientific papers. In 2016 he was the organizer of the international conference in Kraków “Towards the Best Practice of River Restoration and Maintenance”.

During Stormwater Poland 2020 he will present how the rapid deterioration of the ecological and chemical status of rivers in Poland, prompts us to look for the reasons for not implementing the Water Management Plan of 2016, which envisaged improving the quality of most rivers in Poland to achieve their good condition by 2021 at the latest. The paper presents the causes and effects of imbalance of river channels resulting from traditionally conceived regulatory works involving the development of riverbeds with longitudinal and transverse structures without taking into account the environmental effects of such activities, combined with the reduction of the functioning and aesthetics of built-up rivers in a limited space. Meanwhile, in the past and abroad, other principles were used to plan the course of rivers in civilized places, including in the planning of activities in the field of:

  • architecture and spatial planning,
  • water management and water engineering,
  • landscaping,taking into account the possibilities of recreation and sports,
  • ecological aspects.

On several examples of urban rivers of Krakow and suburban Raba, which as a result of historical history have lost most of the functions and possibilities of providing environmental services, will be presented measures that could lead to balancing the interests of various groups of users of space designated for the river in the urban area, in the aspect of simultaneous preservation of good ecological status / potential of the river, reduction of flood risk and ensuring dynamic balance of bottom sediment without the need for intensive maintenance.



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