We are happy to announce that Dr. Suresh Kumar will open a  Rain inspirations session.

Dr. Rohilla is Senior Director at the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), a New Delhi based global policy think tank. He directs the water programme and is also the Academic Director at the School of Water and Waste at the Centre. He has been Head of the Centre of Excellence and Key National Resources Centre at CSE – designated by Central  Ministries in India  dealing with Urban Development, Water ( including Sanitation) and environment sustainability.

He has over 25 years of experience in research, capacity development and policy advocacy for mainstreaming environmental and water sustainability in human settlements in India, Africa and South Asia. Worked with reputed national and international universities, government and non-government organizations. He holds a doctoral degree from Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland.

He has been Fulbright Research Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley. He is active member on various international and national professional bodies / Committee like IWA, SuSanA.

His current research interests are – water sensitive design / planning; sustainable urban groundwater management, green infrastructure and urban wetland management for improvement water quality and quantity, energy efficiency in urban water management in wake of potential climate change in the global south.

His presentation Making Water Sensitive Cities – Experience of Mainstreaming Rainwater Harvesting in India will be about:

Water will determine India becomes wealthy or remains poor. The management of water is not simply about building more dams or pipelines bring water to cities and pipelines to flush from our homes. The management of water is about building relationship of society with its water, so that we can understand the value of each raindrop that unless we are prudent, indeed frugal, with our use of this precious resource, there will never be enough water for all.  In new India, the water imperative is that cities must begin to value their rainfall endowment. India is known for extraordinary wealth and ingenuity of its people living across different ecological systems to manage water. The keynote will present rise, fall and potential of rainwater harvesting in India. How, India has realised this tradition of yesterday has crucial relevance in today and tomorrow’s urban India including recent move by  Government of India –  setting up a key ministry with  a focused national flagship programme ‘Jal Shakti Mission’ to promote rainwater harvesting and revival of waterbodies.




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