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We present you second session: Inspired by rain.

“Stop the drought” is a common slogan in the public space. Heat, lack of water, drought and desertification that we all experienced last summer are becoming more strenuous when we forget about retention. That is why we should promote water retention close to us. In order to do that we should use proven, natural solutions as well as engineering solutions that imitate nature. The second panel of the conference entitled Inspired by rain is going to touch upon these issues. In this panel there will be space for brainstorming solutions and technologies from all over the world, including Poland, used for recreating retention loss and appropriate rainwater management. We would also like to look for inspirations that go beyond the default division into rainwater, underground waters and rivers. We propose a thesis that water is one notion and is both a challenge and a resource for every inhabitant of a big city as well as a small town.



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