OTT HydroMet provides professional solutions for experts in the field of meteorological and hydrological solutions, supporting the protection of life, infrastructure and the environment.

As a group, OTT goes beyond the usual area of providing solutions. Strong cooperation with clients allows us to develop effective responses to the increasingly complex challenges posed in the areas of weather monitoring and water resources around the world.

By deciding to work with OTT HydroMet, you can benefit from over 580 years of combined experience of all seven brands in the group that have joined forces to provide products and services of the highest quality. is currently the sole representative of OTT in Poland and during the implementation of projects related to environmental monitoring uses the best products provided by this company. The precipitation monitoring systems implemented so far use, among others:

Pluvio2L – Universal rain gauge for measuring liquid, solid and mixed precipitation

Parsivel2 – A laser disdrometer that measures and identifies each type of precipitation



If you are interested in participating in “Stormwater Poland in 2020” conference we encourage you to register:

Conference cost is 1490 zl + 23% VAT  and 390 zl + 23% VAT workshops

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