First neighbour we would like to present at session: “How our neighbours do it” is Slovakia. Current state of stormwater management in Slovakia will be presented by Doc. Eng. Marek Sokac PhD.

Doc. Eng. Sokáč Marek, PhD., (assoc. prof.) is acting as researcher at the Department of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Slovak University of Technology and also at the Institute of Hydrology, Slovak Academy of Sciences. He led during his almost 30-year educational activities lecture on subjects Urban hydrology, Water quality, Urban drainage and many others. He participated on several study visits or postgraduate courses in Denmark, Canada and Belgium. In past ten years he conducted lectures on research and water management issues at partner universities of Leuven, Helsinki, Warsaw, Belgrade and Vilnius.

As a researcher he participated in more than 15 domestic and international research projects, e.g. Joint European Project TEMPUS- PHARE, NATO Linkage Grant, ERASMUS as well as the EU funded FP7 and H2020 projects.

In his professional work he collaborated on over 50 projects for practice, 35 expertise assessments, participated in taking four European standards into the system of the Slovak Technical Norms and in the preparation of Government Regulation no. 296/2005 (Water quality limits – part “Requirements for stormwater and CSO discharges”). M. Sokáč is also professional civil engineer with licence in the category 2-2 : Water structures (Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers).

The stormwater management is currently a very hot topic that significantly affects the entire development of urban drainage in Slovakia. With regard to the territorial development of towns and municipalities, the possibility (or impossibility) of proper rainwater management becomes one of the decisive factors for the further development of cities. The problem arises in the implementation of individual elements of modern stormwater management, especially because there is not yet a comprehensive legislation in Slovakia, which would clearly determine procedures for the design, dimensioning and operation of structures for the stormwater management. Different and ambiguous approaches are often used in practice. The paper will try to summarize the current state of the stormwater management in Slovakia. Beside the local approaches to stormwater management used in Slovakia (decentralized retention and detention) also centralised approaches (rain tanks, CSO) will be discussed and analysed.




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