The history of Pietrucha goes back to 1960 – 2020 is a special year, the company celebrates its 60th anniversary.

They supply nearly 3,500 customers in 34 countries on 5 continents. Despite the scale of the projects being implemented and the global reach, the Pietrucha Group remains a family business, which is currently managed by a representative of the 3rd generation.

The production of flagship products, i.e. geotechnical profiles from PVC and hydrotechnical solutions based on them, has been carried out since 1995. PVC sheet piles are directed primarily to entities operating in the field of geoengineering or water engineering, where they are used for the construction of retaining walls, including :

strengthening and securing water tanks and troughs as well as earth structures in order to increase their tightness, as well as raising the crown of water tanks and earth structures;

elements of construction of water canals, levees, anti-filtration screens during drainage, reclamation, irrigation or protection of areas against migration of pollutants;

walls when constructing and dividing water, other liquids or sewage tanks;

securing excavation stability and material for building light retaining walls;

anti-erosion protection of reservoirs and water troughs;

protective screens and chemical shields;

elements of weir construction and road and rail engineering structures

So these are areas related for the most part to increasing the safety of people and property. The company is aware of the importance of ensuring high effectiveness of such protection over a longer period of time to prevent loss of structural stability, which would pose a significant threat to the life and health of residents or their property.

They also offer ready-made solutions based on vinyl sheet piles:

Waterfalls – an innovative drainage device draining rainwater from the road crown – an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional solutions.

Small water retention valves, -small locks installed in forest ecosystems, to increase their retention efficiency.

In 2003, their offer was expanded to include mobile flood protection systems, offered to recipients such as individual recipients, owners of commercial and industrial real estate, State Forests, forest and local road managers. Using continuous glass fiber reinforced PVC sheet piles, they have developed a system of mobile flood protection systems that allow you to quickly and effectively prevent the effects of flooding and flooding, protecting residential, commercial and industrial facilities from the elements.

Pietrucha’s mobile flood barriers fill the market gap between traditional and inefficient sand bags (in addition, very heavy and labor-intensive to prepare) and expensive mobile systems. This product will be presented during Stormwater Poland 2020. For more information, please visit




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