Andrzej Wójtowicz

Wodociągi Słupsk Sp. z o. o., Poland



A graduate of studies in the field of drainage and environmental engineering at the University of Agriculture in Poznań. A specialist in the field of process engineering in the field of water and sewage management. Since 1992, he has been working in “Wodociągi Słupsk” where since 2009 he has been the President of the Management Board. He has the status of a national expert and a professional trainer.


Lecturer in the field of water and sewage management as well as waste management and management in the field of water and sewage companies. He cooperates with training organizations such as: Gdańska Fundacja Wody; Seidel-Przewecki; ABRYS; SEOGS, PZITS, IGWP and others.


Author of several dozen scientific and technical publications in industry magazines: eg. Eksploatator Forum; Gas, Water, Sanitary Technology; Przegląd komunalny and various other publications.


Selected conceptual works and technological projects in the field of wastewater and waste management:


  • The author of the project of technology for the composting of sediments and green precipitation in Słupsk – the first prize in the “Master of Technology” competition of the Supreme Technical Organization in 2001.
  • Co-author of the concept and SIWZ and technical consultant for several wastewater treatment plants in Poland;
  • Start-up manager of sewage treatment plant in Ustka 2008/2009;
  • from January 2011 to December 2012, the leader of the Inżynier Kontraktu team for the project 2004 / PL / 16 / C / PE / 019;
  • since 2010, the leader of the standardization team in the field of model solutions in the sedimentation economy in Poland in the Polish Waterworks Chamber of Commerce
  • MAO and the leader of the team supervising the implementation of the POIiS project 2007-2013


Selected publications:

  • “Ecological education as part of the Public Relation of water-and-sewage companies” – Forum Eksploatatora – January 2005;
  • “Balance of nitrogen, phosphorus, mass, energy, costs in a municipal wastewater treatment plant” – a series of articles in the Forum Eksploatatora 2006-2008;
  • Dissertation – introduction to the issue – Forum Eksploatatora 1/2006;
  • “The impact of modern sedimentary management on the process of removing phosphorus from wastewater” – Gas, water, sanitary technique 2007;
  • “Cofermentation of sewage sediments with post-flotation waste – introduction to the issue” – Eksploatator Forum – January 2008;
  • “Conditions for the discharge of sewage from the food industry to sewage systems – patterns of cooperation with the operator of sewage network and municipal treatment plant” – Przegląd Komunalny – February 2008 o “Biological methods of secondary treatment of sewage sludge – case study of composting” – ed. SEOGEW – May 2009;
  • “Removal of odors from sewage systems – co-author – Przegląd Komunalny 5/2012
  • Sedimentary management in Poland – opportunities and threats – the book “Water supply and sewage – practice and law” – pr. collective – Business Expert- May 2012;
  • “Model solutions in the sedimentary economy” – a monograph on municipal sewage sediments published by IGWP Bydgoszcz 2013.
  • A series of articles in publications published by KEMIPOL
  • Sedimentary management in Poland and in the world – Gaz Water Sanitary Technology – April 2014
  • Directions of development of sedimentary management – Construction engineer – October – 2014
  • Improvement of energy efficiency – fermentation – Water supply and sewage – October 2014




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