dr hab. eng. Jadwiga Królikowska, prof. nadzw.

Cracow University of Technology, Poland



A graduate of Sanitary Engineering and Water Management at Cracow University of Technology. In 1997 she obtained a PhD degree for doctoral thesis entitled : ” Reliability of drain siphons”. In 2011 Jadwiga Królikowska obtained a post-doctoral degree in technical sciences in field of environmental engineering from the Faculty of Environmental Engineering, Cracow University of Technology with a thesis entitled : “Reliability and safety of sewage system.” From 2012, she is employed as a professor in Cracow University (Department of Water Supply, Sewerage and Environmental Monitoring). Area of scientific interests focus on: functioning and safety of sewer systems (conventional and unconventional), rainwater management, reducing negative effects of rainwater. The result of interest in sustainable rainwater management issues was research project, funded by b. KBN which main objective was to evaluate the usefulness of hydroseparator, curved crown of the overflow and tangential inlet to overflow, to treat sewage rainwater.


Co-author of: “Rainwater – drainage, management, and use of pretreatment” Seidel-Przywecki, Warsaw, 2012 (award-winning team of Rector of the Cracow University degree).


From 2012 acts as Dean’s Plenipotentiary for Quality of Education. President of the Organizing Committee of cyclical Scientific Conference entitled “Reliability and security in environmental engineering.”



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