Dr inż. Jan Bondaruk

Central Mining Industry

Deputy Director for Environmental Engineering at Central Mining Industry. An expert in the field of environmental protection, water resources management and low-emission economy. He is an expect on sustainable development of urban areas, redevelopment of postindustrial areas, implementation of new solutions regarding ecological innovations and renewable energy for industry and private sector.


Mr. Bondaruk has conducted a wide range of research and services in the area of environmental protection as well as socio-economic area. He is an advisor and consultant for regional and local authorities in the area of programming of development, innovations and implementation of investment strategies. He engages himself both locally and regionally in sustainable growth, resource and energy management.


He also supports innovative solutions which aim at sustainable use of water resources and limiting carbon dioxide emission. He coordinated and completed numerous research projects, studies and preparation work connected with development investments financed from national and European funds.

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