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the registration for STORMWATER POLAND 2020 is already available.

We encourage you to register for the bigest conference about stormwater in Poland. If you will register this year you will get special price 1190 zl +23% VAT. Early registration discount is available utill 31.12.2019.



We are looking forward to receive the: “Rain of Inspirations” as a result of 2020 edition!

According to many Participants of previous editions, the main advantage of Stormwater Poland is innovative approach to rainwater. Although we have not openly manifested that, it is a fact that as Retencjapl, we have always used the knowledge and experience of our Scientific and Expert Committee to become the pioneers of modern rainwater management. We want water to be treated as a precious resource. We also want to implement new and better standards, to integrate the community and to set new trends. Have we succeeded in that? Certainly we have not reached our goal yet, but we believe we are on the right track. We can see that many ideas presented at the beginning of this year are further discussed at subsequent conferences and panels on rainwater. This year we would like to broaden the subject matter of the conference by introducing issues such as urban floods management and urban watercourses as well as invite participants from neighboring countries and our region. This is an ambitious plan. First and foremost, we would like Stormwater Poland to be inseparably associated with rain, and in this case, with a torrential rain of inspirations. We hope that your active participation will create such rain of inspirations which will have large coverage …

We invite you to participate in STORMWATER POLAND 2020 on 3 – 5 March 2020 in Gdańsk!



If you are interested in participating in “Stormwater Poland in 2020” conference we encourage you to register:

Conference cost is 1490 zl + 23% VAT  and 390 zl + 23% VAT workshops

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