During the Stormwater Poland conference, we will be able to hear the speech of Piotr Czarnocki – Head of Department at the Ministry of Climate.

Involved in the programming of the Financial Perspective (PF) 2014-2020 and PF 2021-2027 Author of the “Guide to preparing investments taking into account climate change, its mitigation and adaptation to these changes and resilience to natural disasters”. A member of the Steering Committee of the NCBIR Program “BIOSTRATEG” and a member of the Expert Committee for the LIFE Instrument at the European Commission.

Piotr Czarnocki will tell us about financing projects in the field of climate regarding rainwater management, in particular in the new financial perspective 2021-2027.

The subject of the presentation will be a discussion of ongoing works in the Ministry of Climate on programming EU support under the New Financial Perspective (NPF) 2021-2027 in the area of adaptation to climate change. In particular, work on programming support for NPF projects in the field of sustainable rainwater management systems will be discussed. In addition, other domestic and foreign financing sources for projects in the broadly understood scope of rainwater management will be discussed.



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