Stop drought! – Plan against the effects of drought (PPSS) Drought, next to floods, is one of the most severe natural phenomena affecting society, the environment and the economy.


Drought has permanently become part of the economic problems of our country, and the results of climate change scenarios indicate that the occurrence of droughts will be even more intense and more frequent. To effectively take care of water resources (surface and groundwater, including soil water) so that in the future we do not run out of water, not only during drought, but also on a daily basis, we must now introduce proactive solutions to counteract the effects of drought.

A nationwide strategic document is currently being prepared to plan and coordinate actions for proactive drought prevention – the drought prevention plan (PPSS). This is the first planning document of national rank addressing the topic of drought. The document will include catalog of actions, the implementation of which will allow to effectively counteract the effects of drought. The preparation of the document results from the provisions of EU directives and guidelines, as well as the provisions of national law (Article 184 of the Water Law Act). The plan to counteract the effects of drought will have the rank of an ordinance of the Minister competent for water management.

The programm will be presented by doc. Małgorzata Stolarska

Substantive manager of the preparation of a strategic document for Poland which is the drought prevention plan (PPSS). Doctor of hydrology with many years of experience in the implementation and management of works on hydrological modeling, adaptation to climate change, water balances, implementation of EU Directives in the field of water policy, among others Water, Nitrate, priority substances and implementation of weather forecasting models and satellite images for monitoring the drought phenomenon in Poland (project for the European Space Agency (ESA). Since 2014, project and development manager at WIND-HYDRO with headquarters in Łódź).



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