Teraz środowisko has taken media patronage over the conference. You can find our event in their calendar and read what this year’s conference will be about in the news.

Thank you for the media support.

Teraz Środowisko is the  B2B daily since 2014 for specialists and employees of the environmental sector and all those interested in observing its dynamics. Their editors follow the development of the sector on an ongoing basis and every day inform readers about market, legal, administrative and technological news. Analyzes global trends. Describes the best available internships. Asks esteemed experts and publishes their statements. Now the environment is also a work tool. A calendar of industry events, a database of legal texts, product and service descriptions, and daily updated job offers of companies in the sector allow professionals to keep in close contact with the industry.

Themes Teraz Środowisko: Waste management – Water management – Energy – Renewable energy sources – Air protection – Spatial planning – Sustainable transport – Climate – Energy efficiency – Green construction – Health and safety – Risk management – Ecology – Sustainable development – and more.

The subject of rainwater and its retention is extremely important both from the point of view of the country’s water resources, as well as flood protection or mitigation of drought effects. That is why the editorial team of Teraz Środowisko once again took the media patronage of the STORMWATER Poland conference, the upcoming fourth edition of which will be held under the slogan “Rain of inspiration”.



If you are interested in participating in “Stormwater Poland in 2020” conference we encourage you to register:

Conference cost is 1490 zl + 23% VAT  and 390 zl + 23% VAT workshops

Cost of participation:


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