During the Stormwater Poland conference, we will present the rainwater management system in Romania, using the example of Bucharest.

Bucharest is Romania’s capital, with over 2 millions of inhabitants served by the sewage collection system. Design of the existing sewage system started over 120 years ago and it was significantly improved in the 1970-980 after the floods occured in 1970.

In the last couple of decades (2005 – present) there were several historical rainfall events which started an extensive process of redesign/ adjustment to current needs. Main factors considered in this process were: climate change, extension of catchment area, changes in land use, number of inhabitants and availability of the exsting system during the construction phase.

The urgent measures taken were: rehabilitation of main collector (with a capacity over 90 m3/s), building of new CSOs (Combined Sewage Overflows) in the critical points, rehabilitation of secondary main collectors, extension of wastewater treatment plant, build of new drainage systems in lowland areas (inside the floodplain of Dambovita river). Further, in the Masterplan for the next 30 years return rainfall event. Moreover, sensitive areas, mainly located in the floodplains of Dambovita and Colentina valleys are equipped with separative sewage systems. On the other hand, the quality of water discharged into the rivers is planned to be trated mechanically in some wetlands located in the downstream of city’s area.

The estimated value for finished and ongoing works is over 500 millions EUR and the measures included in the MAsterplan for the sewage and drainage systems are estimated to 1,3 bilions in the next 30 years.

The subject will be presented by Valentin Zaharia – Director for Drinking Water and Sewage Optimization at Apa Nova Bucharest (Operator of drinking water and sewage services in Bucharest), being in charge with Control Room, SCADA, GIS and Hydraulic Modelling. He is a graduate of Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest – Faculty of Hydraulic structures (promotion 2009_ and he holds a MSc in Hydraulic Engineering. Mr. Zaharia is also PhD. student, being involved in research activities and publishing more then 10 articles in international journals dedicated to water resource management and environmental protection.



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