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We are very pleased that Veolia has become the general partner of the Stormwater Poland 2020 conference. The Veolia Group in Poland has been a proven partner of cities and industry in Poland for 20 years, offering innovative services tailored to the needs of clients, constantly developing its operations throughout the country. At this time, to ensure the highest quality of services and environmental protection, Veolia is consistently investing in the expansion and modernization of its production and distribution infrastructure. Is one of the leading service providers in the field of energy management, water and sewage management and waste management. It employs over 4,300 employees, creates and implements economically effective and environmentally friendly solutions. The new business models created by the group correspond to the objectives of the circular economy and contribute to the sustainable development of cities and industry.

The circular economy is not only about ensuring the least possible use of renewable natural resources, but also about how they are exploited, ensuring their regeneration. This way of thinking about production and services also involves eco-design and clean production, consumption that respects the environment, and the use of waste as secondary raw materials, as well as their processing without negative externalities. In an era of depleting natural resources and progressing urbanization, the circular economy is the only possible direction of sustainable development in the world.

Veolia will be a Partner of Stormwater Poland for the first time. The company is a leading expert in the field of rainwater themes. It offers effective and innovative solutions, both on the global and Polish market. We are very pleased with such a significant partner who will definitely make a substantial contribution and many experiences to our conference



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