Retencjapl promote the idea of treating rainwater as a valuable resource since the beginning, invited this year to the Stormwater Poland conference the Well of Hope Foundation, which knows best how valuable a resource water is. We want the beneficiaries of the foundation to share their experiences, so that we can all imagine how much it is worth taking care of water.







Nearly 1.5 billion people do not have sufficient access to drinking water, and by 2025 this number will increase to 3 billion. More than 2.6 billion people live without the simplest sanitary installations, and 4,000 children die every day from diseases resulting from the consumption of contaminated water. Africa is the most affected.

The Well of Hope Foundation was established in 2008 as a response to the appeal of Pope Benedict XVI, addressed to rich societies, obliging to help starving countries, especially in Africa. The first initiators and founders were: Borysław Czyżak, Wojciech Fabrycki, Paweł Gieryński, Maciej Heydel, Paweł Jakubowski, Maciej Mataczyński and Wojciech Starowieyski.

The aim of the Foundation is to ensure, as far as possible, access to clean drinking water and to improve sanitation in the poorest countries in the world by building a well and investing in sanitary installations. Since its foundation, the Foundation has implemented about one hundred projects mainly in Africa: in Madagascar, Cameroon or Zambia, but also involved in the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, where it financed the construction of a water supply for the school, during the ongoing war and the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo in Syria financed water tanks and in Lebanon provided drinking water for refugees.

In pursuing its objectives, the Foundation ensures that the funds obtained from its donors are always used in accordance with their intentions. In addition, all running and administrative costs are fully covered by the members of the Foundation, so that 100% of funds obtained from donors will be allocated to charity projects, and the implemented projects will serve local communities for a long time. In particular, Well of Hope verifies very carefully whether: The proposed project is really needed, and the designed way of its implementation is rational and corresponds to local conditions, The funds allocated to the project will be used in accordance with the donors’ intention, The completed installation (e.g. well) will be properly operated, maintained, etc. in the long run. The Foundation works with specialists who guarantee the selection of solutions that work well in local conditions, and on-site with local missions and missionaries. Missionaries are well aware of local issues, the needs of local people and provide us with the necessary knowledge about projects to be implemented. Local communities are required to make their own contribution, e.g. involvement and cooperation of the village inhabitants or obtaining local materials. In this way, not only a well is built, but also a sense of responsibility for the common good and its proper exploitation, and then development. After completing the project, the Foundation receives a detailed report. In addition, photographic documentation of works carried out and their progress is provided at individual stages of implementation.

The Foundation has been trusted by a wide range of donors thanks to which their work and activities are possible. They have prepared further projects for which they are looking for sponsors. Thanks to the support of donors, people will be able to survive with daily access to clean drinking water, avoid dangerous diseases and provide their children with access to regular education.   More information at






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