The second half of the 19th century is the beginning of the second industrial revolution. We all associate it with many inventions such as the telephone, the light bulb, the dynamite or the machine gun. Only few realise that this era is also the starting point of construction of first dewatering systems and the creation of classic workshop of tools for designing systems based on rational runoff formula and IDF (Intensity-Duration-Frequency) rainfall model. For decades this workshop has been used without any risks even with slight climate oscillations and dewatering systems have been designed using e.g. Błaszczyk model. However, since the beginning of this century the fact of climate change can be no longer undermined. Moreover, there is a trend that rainwater should not be driven away from the city as fast as possible but its runoff should be slowed down and retained. In the era of digital revolution we cannot achieve such effects without the use of digital tools as well as reliable and current rainfall atlases such as KOSTRA in Germany and PANDa in Poland. This is the inspiration for the third panel called „We’re digital”. The participants of the previous conference may now understand that this is the aftermath of the project presented in last year’s panel called „Going digital”. In fact, we want to demonstrate the newly-completed Polish Atlas of Rainfall Intensities PANDa and a whole range of internet tools which constitute Digital Designer Platform (DDP). Today we have to admit that this in not a sole project of Retencjapl but a whole group of companies that are unquestionable leaders on Polish and European rainwater technologies markets. Every DDP calculator uses PANDa atlas and unique knowledge to allow for selecting the appropriate design solutions in issues such as draining off surface runoffs, retaining rainwater or pretreating and infiltrating water into the ground.

We would like to invite companies and experts on designing rainwater systems to take part in „We’re digital” panel in order to show us inspiring examples how computer modelling can be used in dealing with complicated engineering tasks. We believe that in the era of digital revolution the question is not whether the rainwater system should be modelled but how to make it smarter.

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