During the presentation, the tools that are currently used in the Waterworks of the City of Krakow in a series of conceptual and design works will be discussed. The author will put special emphasis on the current project of extending the Integrated Designer Calculator to version 3.0 by the Systems Modeling Department, which will include new tools, including associated with the model rain database for the city of Krakow, as well as a powerful application for auto-design of drainage networks.

The presentation will be made by Marcin Glixelli who has been associated with the Waterworks of the City of Krakow since 2015. Currently, he works as the Manager of the Systems Modeling Department. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Environmental Engineering at the Cracow University of Technology. He systematically gained experience in the water management sector – from execution through design to implementation projects. Currently, he effectively uses his knowledge, implementing modern solutions in the field of hydrodynamic modeling of sewage and water supply networks in Krakow. The Systems Modeling Department he manages solves a number of problems in the field of network optimization, collector capacity, storm overflows and rainwater capture from new catchments. He has also designed an application that unifies the method of calculating the active volume of retention reservoirs and drainage networks, which allowed the company to shorten the time for agreeing project documentation. At present, the System Modeling Department participates in the project of building the most modern modeling system for water and sewage networks in Poland. He is also responsible for creating a real-time system – on-line for the water and sewage network, with the possibility of reading fillings, flows, pressures in real time and prediction of upcoming weather events or changes in the working parameters of the objects on the network.



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