About conference

On 27-28 March 2017 RETENCJAPL Sp. z o.o. held the first edition of Stormwater Poland conference in Gdańsk. European Solidarity Centre, an inspiring place filled with history, was the venue for the event.


Subject Matter of the Conference
  1. Polish New Water Law and its impact on ainwater and meltwater management
  2. Good practices in water management. The case of city of Gdańsk
  3. Best practices in stormwater management
  4. Designing and modeling of dewatering systems
  5. Reliable information about percipitation
  6. Blue-green infrastructure and stormwater management in urban regeneration process


The Participants


Foreign participants with notable achievements and extensive knowledge on stormwater issues participated in the conference. They presented best world practices on the implementation of urban flood warning systems and on the reduction of number and volume of storm overflow structures in combined sewer systems.



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